Virtual weather stations

With the information of the virtual weather stations, you can reduce the risk of crop losses, increase the efficiency of phytosanitary treatments and improve the service to your producers

No need to acquire, install and maintain equipment in the field

The virtual stations provide for any plot meteorological predictions with a week in advance and their historical data with a reliability and resolution superior to the current solutions.

Having meteorological variables such as temperature, rain probability, wind speed, leaf wetness, ETo, etc … allows to improve the reliability in making agronomic decisions.

We use characteristics of each plot (location, altitude, slope, orientation, surface) to obtain meteorological and historical forecasts to each of your plots.

The visualization of this information is done through a simple and intuitive GIS (geographic information system) accessible from any smartphone or PC.

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Benefits of virtual weather stations

Be aware of risks of pests and diseases a week in advance.

Send automatic personalized alerts for weather risks to each producer or farm manager.

Scale recommendations services (irrigation, treatments …) with great precision without the cost of buying and installing stations or equipment in the field.

Access to historical and meteorological forecasts of each plot of variables such as ETo, Leaf Wetting, Temperature, Wind Speed ​​…

Have all the information of your partners or clients in a single map to identify and consult any crop data.

Obtain weather and historical forecasts for any location around the world.

How do we do it?

Applying the latest technologies to combine the latest observation data and meteorological models to achieve the highest precision and reliability in the results.

To increase the reliability of the predictions provided we use artificial intelligence and one of the best meteorological data providers in the sector, Meteoblue.

In the data process, measurements of more than 100,000 meteorological stations are used for calibration statistics and artificial intelligence algorithms.

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