UNIO Cooperative together with COVIDES, the largest 1st Grade Cooperative in terms of production in Catalonia, and also VITALPE start a big data project in the second half of 2019.

This wine innovation project has the technological collaboration of eFoodPrint, RawData, Eurecat, INCAVI with the coordination of the INNOVI cluster.

The objective of this innovation project in viticulture, called PREDIVI, is to create prediction models that allow directors, winemakers and field technicians to improve strategic decisions in the Vintage planning.

Big data technology allows managing large volumes of information, combining historical and forecast meteorological variables with satellite images and historical production data of each winery.

These prediction models will reduce uncertainty in the evolution of quality parameters and volume of production in viticulture, trying to facilitate a better decision-making process.

The solutions created in the project are expected to optimize harvest dates to achieve a higher quality wine and therefore of a higher economic value.

On the other hand, it is also expected that these models they will help to optimize the management of personnel and the reduction of economic costs related to the harvest and the elaboration of the wine.

The participation in this project of actors like Raw Data and Technological Centers like Eurecat and INCAVI assure the union of the technology in Big Data and wine knowledge, all with the objective of adding value to the wine sector.

More info about prediction models used in viticulture here