Malaga hosted the Smart Agrifood Summit for the second consecutive year on June 20 and 21.

Raw Data participated in the Forum, which brings together Agritech start-ups with leading companies in the agricultural sector, technology centers and even investors.

The Agritech sector is growing and so we could verify it at the Agriculture Summit in Malaga. The commitment of giants such as IBM or John Deere in Agritech is a clear signal.

However, from Raw Data we think that technological disruption in agriculture will also come from the hand of specialized start-ups.

These technological solutions help decision-making to decision makers, technicians and producers in the agricultural sector.

Leading production companies in agricultural innovation are incorporating these solutions in their decision-making processes and are the first to reap the benefits.

We believe that the growth of agricultural digitalization and the example of leaders will favor that both organizations and producers of a more conservative profile adopt these decision support solutions more quickly.

From Raw Data we create solutions such as virtual weather stations, models for predicting quality parameters in viticulture or harvest predictions in horticulture for Help the agricultural sector.

We invite you to create a free account at and discover them.

Foro Smart Agrifood Málaga