It is great news that the work we do for the agri-food industry with prediction and big data models draws the attention of El Periódico.

In this article written by Carme Escales, the benefits of big data and facial recognition applied to the agro-sector are exemplified.

Thanks to virtual weather stations and artificial intelligence, it is possible to simulate very reliable both historical and meteorological forecasts.

So these data obtained from meteorological stations combined with plot information and harvest data are the basis of the Harvest Prediction

For example, Juvé i Camps already knows that using prediction models in decisions as important as vintage planning helps to improve their profit and loss account.

Thus predicting ripening and / or reducing uncertainty in Big data viticulture capacity is already a reality for agri-food companies.

Another technology mentioned in the article is the application of face recognition for the hourly control of workers and the digitalization of parts of Work.

This biometric identification technology for time control has a great future because it outperforms others such as fingerprint control.

However, it is true that we are still in the early stage of implementing big data technologies for decision support teams in sectors such as viticulture or fruit growing.

The adoption of these solutions will go hand in hand with the success stories that are created within the agri-food sector.