Raw Data enters the Wine Technology Platform (PTV) as a strategic commitment to add value to the wine sector.

Through the PTV we want to find an ally that allows us to generate synergies with wineries and research entities involved in the wine sector.

It has within its objectives to contribute to the dynamization of R&D and technology transfer to the wine sector.

From Raw Data we believe that the possibilities of applying Big Data solutions in viticulture and the agricultural sector in general are many.

We also believe that the adoption of these technologies by the sector is in an incipient phase.

An example of the synergies generated between the two entities are the technological breakfasts that Raw Data has made with the Innovi Cluster in the El Penedes area.

From Raw Data we want to add value to the sector by replicating this type of event to boost and contribute to the dissemination of technologies in the agricultural sector.

Within these technologies aimed at the wine sector, the models for predicting quality parameters such as grade or acidity stand out

Another solution adapted to the wine sector is the prediction of diseases such as mildew through virtual weather stations.