Prediction models for Horticulture

Increase the economic value of your production with RawData, based on prediction models and Big Data.

Plan harvests with greater reliability and safety

Control the evolution of your harvest with our online platform, which integrates into a GIS all the information you need

Obtain the evolution of maturation and volume several weeks in advance, even of plots without previous maturation controls

More than 5,000 maturity predictions per plot made with an average error on harvest date of 3 days

The moment of harvest is the culmination of a whole campaign of work.

However, planning and organizing the harvest is a highly complex task.

Multitude of agronomic and meteorological variables affects the evolution of maturation, the volume of harvest and the quality of your productions.

In addition, coordinating all harvest planning information with the rest of the technical team and or partners / producers becomes an organizational chaos.

escandallos de cosechas

Fruit growing and artificial intelligence

This chaos of data and information increases in the middle of harvest season, when it is necessary to update in real time the entry of product in storage with the production still pending to be harvested.

It is necessary a first planning months before the campaign, another planning weeks before the campaign and a plan that is updated daily at the time of harvest start.

Thus, it is critical to have a reliable harvest planning to make the best technical and commercial decisions.

Big data and prediction models facilitate schedules to different time horizons that are periodically updated automatically.

The results of the crop prediction models get a great reliability because they feed on historical data and meteorological variables of each of your plots.

Benefits of crop prediction models in fruit growing

Improve the reliability of your harvest planning.

To know in advance harvest start dates and the weekly production curve per plot.

Make decisions with less uncertainty to increase the value of your crops in both quality and quantity.

Take control of your harvest plans: access to historical and centralized forecasts in a single accessible platform at any time.

Save technical team time in crop planning.

Reduce stress at harvest time.

Transform the effort of collecting and storing historical data into a competitive advantage.


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Áreas de aplicación de los modelos de predicción de cosecha 

  • Área Comercial y Financiera

    Facilita fechas de cosechas y volúmenes de producción más fiables a tus clientes. Mejora el margen de explotación de tu actividad anticipándote al mercado. (por ejemplo, si conozco de antemano si la producción de este año será inferior a la habitual, puedo anticiparme a mis competidores comprando con antelación)

  • Recursos Humanos

    Anticípate a las necesidades de personal de campo y almacén en función de las predicciones de volúmen y fechas de cosecha.

  • Almacén y Logística

    Compra o vende en función de las predicciones de volúmenes de cosecha. Adelántate a tus competidores y optimiza las capacidades de frío de tu organización.