New solution with facial recognition to digitize work parts with time control and avoid phishing.

This new technological solution with facial recognition for the agri-food sector is the result of the joint work of more than a year as a result of the collaboration of Eurecat, Adecco, eFoodPrint, Juve & Camps and Innovi.

The initial objective of the project was to develop a solution to biometrically identify any worker to avoid phishing and expedite the digitization of work tasks in agriculture.

Thus, this service is 100% in the cloud and has an Android APP accessible from PlayStore and a web application that allows you to create a free trial at

The benefits of this new technological development for agriculture and the agri-food and agricultural sector are the following:

  • Great ease of use for non-technological users
  • Adaptation to the reality of the agri-food sector
  • It allows to digitize from the field the introduction of work parts
  • Avoid phishing
  • Human resources and field managers share information in real time
  • It allows the interaction between temporary work companies and producing companies
  • Register productivities and work place location
  • Time savings of up to 2 hours a day to the control team
  • Here you can access the explanatory video of this new facial recognition solution for the agri-food sector.

You can have more info here