You will probably agree that mildew is one of the main threats to viticulture.

During 2018, mildew caused significant (and therefore economic) production losses in Penedés, one of the most important viticultural areas in Catalonia.

European Commission has begun to apply important restrictions on the use of copper due to its toxicity, a limitation that especially affects organic farming.

The survey we recently conducted at the Fenavin fair reaffirms that mildew is the main disease that concerns wine growers, winemakers and technicians.

So we started working with the help of experts in phytopathology and virtual meteorological stations to find a solution that would facilitate the detection of mildew.

First we understood that the predictive model with most predictive capacity for mildew was the Goidanich.

Then we modelized the predictive model for mildew using the seasons Virtual weather stations using the weather forecasts, so that the system detects the risk of mildew with 7 days in advance per plot.

In this way, we understand that growers and technicians can optimize applications and reduce production losses as much as possible.

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