Crop analytics

The crop analysis allows deciding when to renew a plantation or which crop or new variety to select.

These strategic decisions have a great economic impact on the viability of an agricultural holding.

Making these decisions correctly is a complex and laborious task without the right information or tools.

In order to correctly take these types of decisions, it is necessary to integrate data of scandals, product entries and information of parcelarios. And also, campaign to campaign.

Having an adequate solution to analyze the evolution of the volume and / or harvest dates of the last production campaigns allows to make the appropriate decisions.

This crop analytics solution is designed especially for managers, owners, technical teams and producers in the agricultural sector.

Benefits of harvest analytics

Knowing production indicators (yields per hectare, variety, group of varieties…) and comparatives in a fast, agile and professional way.

Consult in real time the evolution of production by date and volume each plot, campaign to campaign.

Share these results with the technical team and with production partners or suppliers.

Improve strategic decisions to compare data with perceptions and / or assumptions.

Group the history of productions to quickly understand the results of harvests and make decisions with the backing of the data.

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