Agriculture labor management

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Do you manage staff and want to improve identification and time control in agriculture easily and quickly?

Discover how agribusiness companies like yours save time by digitizing work labour and eliminate phishing

This new application with facial recognition speeds up the identification of workers in farms and warehouses by digitizing labour information easily.

You can share real-time information between managers in the field with personnel responsible for Human Resources.

The benefits of this new technological application adapted to the agri-food sector are the following:

  • Great ease of use for non-technological users
  • Adaptation to the reality of the agri-food sector
  • It allows to digitize from the field the introduction of work parts
  • Avoid phishing
  • Human resources and field managers share information in real time
  • It allows the interaction between temporary work companies and producing companies
  • Register productivities and work place locations
  • Time savings of up to 2 hours per day to the team of managers in the field
  • Time savings of up to 2 hours a day to the management team
  • The estimated cost reduction for a company with 50 workers, 1 field manager and 1 person in human resources is around € 18,000 per year.
  • The ability to share information quickly and quickly with different users (HR, managers, managers of ETT) is another advantage of this application.
  • With the possibility of working without an internet connection
  • With possibility of connection to ERP
  • Account settings in less than 1 hour

Highlight that in the development of this new application of time control and facial recognition have participated entities of the agri-food sector such as Eurecat, Adecco, Innovi, Juvé & Camps and eFoodPrint.