Agreement to transfer solutions based on virtual meteorological stations and big data

Cicytex, the Reference Research Center in Extremadura in agriculture and Raw Data have reached a collaboration agreement.In the framework of this collaboration.

Raw Data will facilitate the research team of Cicytex a new solution based on hyperlocalized virtual weather stations.

These virtual weather stations allow to obtain weather forecasts with a reliability superior to current solutions and with a very competitive economic cost.

This solution for agriculture provides both a history as a one-week forecast of agrometeorological variables such as ETo, relative humidity, wind speed, humidification or temperature.

Thus, a great benefit of this innovation is that it is not necessary to install equipment or weather stations in the field. One of the objectives of the agreement is to improve the use of irrigation water.

For this, the possibility of creating a solution based on artificial intelligence and prediction models will be studied, therefore, it will be necessary to use data on the characteristics of each agricultural plot and virtual meteorological stations to validate the generation of personalized irrigation recommendations for each producer in the Jerte Valley area.