An innovation breakfast will be held aimed at winemakers, field technicians, management teams and wine growers responsible for vintage planning.

The breakfast will be held next on December the 4th at the University of La Rioja,

The aim of the event is for attendees to enter the concept of Big Data and the solutions that can be applied in viticulture.

Thus, it will be explained what kind of data is used to work with prediction models and what results we can expect from a model applied to viticulture.

The concept of Open Data will also be explained (open data banks) and how useful this data can be for the sector.Finally, as an example, different Big Data solutions that are being used in pioneer wineries in the Penedè area will be presented.

As an example, two success stories will be explained:

Predivi: Decision making with a DSS (Decision Support System) to help winemakers and technicians plan the harvest r educating uncertainty about the maturation of the vine and the volume of production.

Raw Data RC: APP with facial recognition to help the field managers to speed up the control and registration of field personnel, as well as avoid impersonations and comply with legal requirements of the new regulations on the hourly registration of personnel.

Free registration in the following link with limited places.

viticulture and big data

viticulture and big data