Here in Raw Data are plenty aware that big data solutions for the agricultural sector we develop also improve environmental sustainability in agriculture.

Probably the most critical factor of environmental sustainability in agriculture is the volume of production achieved.

In terms of environmental sustainability, nothing worse could happen than to invest in the consumption of resources (water, fertilizers, phytosanitary … etc) in an agricultural farm and not being able to produce food.

In this sense, our solutions as virtual meteorological stations and prediction disease models are example of solutions to improve sustainability in agriculture.

So, knowing in advance the risk of a disease or a climatological risk can help to reduce significant losses of production in agriculture.

In this framework of sustainability and agriculture, the College of Economists of Catalonia has invited us to participate in a round table called “What does Big Data mean for sustainability?” 10-oct.

We invite you to participate in person or remotely through the following link, where you will find more information about the event.

Another forum where we were invited to share our vision of sustainability in agriculture and the big data was the “Day of Technological Innovation in Agriculture” that was carried out in Lleida at the end of September.

In the Lleida forum we could explain the importance of agriculture in order to satisfy the food needs of the current and future population.

Since Raw Data congratulates the organizers for their task of transferring knowledge to the agricultural sector and its involvement in achieving a more sustainable agriculture.

big data and sustainability